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"Broken" is a Zoo Tycoon 2 movie currently under production at 'Walton Films' by famed director Jesusranchjohn. Described as an "Apocalyptic horror movie", the fim is intended for a 2010 release on YouTube.


Intergalactic House of Government


In the year 2110, a mysterious virus has begun to devastate the inhabitants of a number of planets across the universe, including Earth. As tension rises between species, the Intergalactic Governors of four alien species hold an emergency summit to discuss the effectiveness of the gamma protocol, a movement which urges any one, human or otherwise, who has come into contact with the virus to commit suicide in order to stop the malignant virus from turning the host into a ravenous zombie. However, soon the Government building itself is over run, rendering Earth defenseless. With the ports empty and help calls unheeded, can the survivors trapped on the planet escape? Or will they join the ranks of undead that now threaten them? will, largely vbe told froma point of

The story will, largely, be told through the HUD perspective of main character Sergeant Robert Trent, with interlacing cutscenes. However, Roberts face will never be revealed, purely to allow viewers to 'become' Trent.


Heads Up Display system


From the trailer, and the synopsis provided, one can assume that a number of different points of inspiration were drawn upon when coming up with such a film as "Broken":


"The soundtrack will consist of a number of tracks whose origins lie in the Halo universe, along with some used in 28 Weeks later for the 'creepier' moments." - John Walton on "Broken"'s soundtrack


Walton recently announced that if "Broken" was a success with fans on YouTube and merited at least 5,000 Views, then a prequel would go into production. The sequel, called "Broken: Beginning" would tell the story of how the first planet came to be infected and over run, causing it's Yeti inhabitants, and Governor Rae Icktra, to flee to Earth. "Certainly there is a place for a prequel to "Broken", after all, the large bulk of the story itself began a while before the events of the intial film. What we witness in "Broken" is just a virus gone rampant, out of control. The birth of the virus itself is something else to be explained in "Broken: The Beginning", assuming, of course, the film does sufficiently well! 5,000 views or so should just about do it!" - John Walton, Founding Chairman of 'Walton Films'

Origin of Title

The title "Broken" relates to the fact that a society, forged from human and alien alliances, has become broken apart by a force neither can comprehend.


On December 12th, Jesusranchjohn stated that he had quit Broken, due to the fact that "Broken never really had a plot in the first place, and it was just to see what i could do." Though he stated that he would continue with making machinima.


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