The Aardvark is an adoptable animal for Zoo Tycoon 

Zoo Tycoon 2

"An eager earth digger" - Animal Panel description

In Zoo Tycoon 2, the Aardvark is an adoptable animal.The adults are brown, with the color deepening as it gets closer to the underbelly, which is the darkest part of the animal. The fur lightens throughout the part of the hide closest to the spinal area, with it's neck being the penultimate lightest part, seconded only by it's rabbit-like, near completely white ears. It has an especially long snout, which is almost as dark as the aardvark's underbelly, but with a reddish tint as the area near the end of the spine does. The offspring is significantly smaller than the adult, as almost all baby animals are in Zoo Tycoon, and is entirely the same color as the ears of it's grown form. The eyes of both the

They prefer the Scrub biome with a Large Burrow and are low maintenance animals. Guests enjoy them to a moderate degree and may donate roughly $80 per aardvark. Aardvarks will sometimes bury themselves in the ground, reappearing later in a cloud of dust.

Aardvark are compatible with Gemsbok and Meerkats.

They live ten months and twenty nine days, and take one month and seven days to grow to full maturity. They have a gestation period of forty days.


Zoo Tycoon 2 Aardvark

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