Ultimetetrex2's version of Acrocanthosaurus, it uses BF's theropod animations.


Acrocanthosaurus is a 12 meter long carnosaur which that lived in North America 116-160 MYA. It was the top predator of North America until the rise of the tyrannosaurs.

Zoo Tycoon Versions

Currently there are a few different Acrocanthosaur's with animations differing between the original Blue Fang's Therapod Animation and Hendrix's (also known as Dinosaurman) new WWD theropod animations. Some include Bill Ngyuen's newest with the updated theropod aims, one by Indra_Buhdri in his Jurassic Calamity pack which uses BF's animations, one by ultimetetrex2 which again uses BF's theropod animations, however several Acrocanthasaurus have been imported from the game Jurassic Park Operation Genesis.

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