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These are all the Affiliates of Zoopedia.

Zoo Tycoon Volcano


This is our first affiliate. You can find it at We have been affiliates since January 1, 2009. This site has the 3rd most members of any Zoo Tycoon site (following Zoopedia and Zoo Admin). You can read more about this great site Here!

World of Zoo Wikia


This is our second affiliate. It can be found at A wikia about World of Zoo that has very few members and articles, and the owner has been gone for over two years. It is available for adoption by anyone eligible to do so.

Former affliates

Caldera Unlimited

Caldera Unlimited was a Zoo Tycoon 2-oriented site which had over 400 Zoo Tycoon 2 downloads, as well as Wildlife Park 2 downloads. It was created by Black Lemur, VGnome and Brachiosaur in February 2009. The site's download database received new downloads almost daily, and prospered. Popular creations included Destination South America and Wild Wetlands, and the former contents of Miocene Madness and Ultimate Africa. Caldera Unlimited was home to the second generation of Worldwide Designers United, which worked on a remade Prehistoric Pandemonium. WWDU is currently on hiatus, though some content was released at Geyser Millennium.

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