Cretaceous Calamity Albertosaurus

Albertosaurus was a type of Tyrannosauridae.

In-Game Info

Albertosaurus is included in the Cretaceous Calamity pack but can also be downloaded seperately. Alberosaurs are average sized Theropods. They have a Brown skin texture and a slender head and body. They will almost always fight Allosaurs and the consequence can be unpredictible. Its in-game icon is that of a Stokesaurus. The CC Albertosaurus lookes more like Stokesosaurus with a different size and skin texture.

General Info

Albertosaurus was smaller than some other tyrannosaurids, such as Tarbosaurus and Tyrannosaurus. Typical Albertosaurus adults measured up to 9 metres (30 feet) long, while rare individuals of great age could grow to be over 10 metres (33 feet) long. Several independent mass estimates, obtained by different methods, suggest that an adult Albertosaurus weighed between 1.3 tonnes (1.4 short tons) and 1.7 tonnes (1.9 tons).

Albertosaurus shared a similar body appearance with all other tyrannosaurids. Typically for a theropod, Albertosaurus was bipedal and balanced the heavy head and torso with a long tail. However, tyrannosaurid forelimbs were extremely small for their body size and retained only two digits. The hind limbs were long and ended in a four-toed foot on which the first digit, called the hallux, was short and did not reach the ground. The third digit was longer than the rest. Albertosaurus may have been able to reach walking speeds of 14−21 kilometres per hour (8−13 miles per hour). At least for the younger individuals, a high running speed is plausible.

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