From the official Paranoia! website - "Amarok is the name of a gigantic wolf in Inuit mythology. It is said to hunt down and devour anyone foolish enough to hunt alone at night. Unlike real wolves who hunt in packs, Amarok hunts alone. It is sometimes considered equivalent to the waheela of cryptozoology. It is said to be a living dire wolf (canis dirus) which hunted alone."

Amaroku in user-made films

Not many user-made films feature the Amarok, despite it seeming to be an ideal creature to star in film-making. Any known examples are listed below.

A film created by wikia user KittyLover22, entitled "The Legend of Amaroku," stars this creature. It features three characters:

- ""Amaroku,"" the star Amarok himself.

- ""Ameowku,"" a black cat capable of making potions and spells.

- "Ahowlku," Amaroku's mate, who is created when Amaroku begins to desire the romantic company of another Amarok.

The film is not available online, but it has been claimed that an email containing the film will be sent to anyone who inquires at the email address


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