Zoo Tycoon 2: Amazing Asia contains 34 fascinating creatures of the biggest continent from the majestic Black-necked crane to the weird Babirusa. It will released on October 9, 2016.



Animal Biome Status Scientific name Expansion required Made-up animal
Four-Horned Antelope Temperate Forest Vulnerable Tetracerus quadricornis none Thomson's Gazelle
Babirusa Tropical Rainforest Vulnerable Babyrousa celebensis African Adventure Warthog
Binturong Tropical Rainforest Vulnerable Arctictis binturong none Red Panda
Asian Water Buffalo Wetlands Low Risk Bubalus bubalis African Adventure African Buffalo
Bactrian Camel Scrub Critically Endangered Camelus bactrianus none Dromedary Camel
Pallas's Cat Grassland Low Risk Otocolobus manul Endangered Species Florida Panther
Black-Necked Crane Alpine Vulnerable Grus nigricollis none Greater Flamingo
Philippine Crocodile Tropical Rainforest Critically Endangered Crocodylus mindorensis none Nile Crocodile
Dhole Tropical Rainforest Endangered Cuon alpinus African Adventure Ethiopian wolf
Ganges River Dolphin Wetlands Vulnerable Platanista gangetica Marine Mania 2 Bottlenose Dolphin
Common Emerald Dove Tropical Rainforest Low Risk Chalcophaps indica none Common peafowl
Philippine Eagle Montane Forest Critically Endangered Pithecophaga jefferyi African Adventure Secretary Bird
Przewalski's Gazelle Grassland Critically Endangered Procapra przewalskii none Thomson's Gazelle
Pileated Gibbon Tropical Rainforest Endangered Hylobates pileatus Endangered Species Crested Gibbon
Siberian Ibex Desert Low Risk Capra sibirica none Ibex
Tarai Gray Langur Tropical Rainforest Low Risk Semnopithecus hector African Adventure Gelada
Bengal Monitor Scrub Low Risk Varanus bengalensis Endangered Species Komodo Dragon
Proboscis Monkey Tropical Rainforest Endangered Nasalis larvatus African Adventure Gelada
Indian Pangolin Tropical Rainforest Low Risk Manis crassicaudata African Adventure Aardvark
Lady Amherst's Pheasant Temperate Forest Low Risk Chrysolophus amherstiae none Common Peafowl
Japanese Quail Temperate Forest Low Risk Coturnix japonica none Common Peafowl
Sambar Tropical Rainforst Vulnerable Rusa unicolor Endangered Species Caribou
Saola Temperate Forest Critically Endangered Symphalangus syndactylus Endangered Species Giant Sable Antelope
Siamang Tropical Rainforest Endangered Hylobates pileatus Endangered Species Crested Gibbon
Giant Freshwater Stingray Wetlands Endangered Himantura polylepis Marine Mania 2 Manta Ray
Malayan Tapir Tropical Rainforest Vulnerable Tapirus indicus Endangered Species Baird's Tapir
Philippine Tarsier Tropical Rainforest Low Risk Carlito syrichta none Ring-tailed Lemur
Indian Star Tortoise Scrub Low Risk Geochelone elegans Endangered Species African Spurred Tortoise
Doria's Tree Kangaroo Montane Forest Vulnerable Dendrolagus dorianus Endangered Species Spectacled bear
Skipjack Tuna Pelagic Low Risk Katsuwonus pelamis Marine Mania 2 Blue Marlin
Golden Coin Turtle Temperate Forest Critically Endangered Cuora trifasciata Marine Mania 2 Green Sea Turtle
Urial Alpine Vulnerable Ovis orientalis vignei none Ibex
Yellow-Bellied Weasel Temperate Forest Low Risk Mustela kathiah African Adventure Meerkat
Zebu Scrub Low Risk Bos primigenius indicus Extinct Animals Aurochs

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