The Asiatic Black Bear is an official bonus download made by Blue Fang. It was a download for the PC version of Zoo Tycoon and Zoo Tycoon 2.

Zoo Tycoon

It lives in the Highland biome and its favorite foliage is the Himalayan Pine Tree .

Zoo Tycoon 2

It could only be accessed by beating the mobile version of the game. It's biome is Temperate Forest.

Numerous re-releases have been made, such as ShenTirag's, the Dutch translation at, and the Dutch version translated back to English by Jntg4. Though there are three small bugs with most of the re-releases which are:

The conservation status is missing or wrong.

The bear does not become adoptable at 2 stars but at 2/1-4 stars.

In the family tree mates will not register and cubs don't list the father which causes a risk of the father or son to attack and maybe kill each other, especially if the father or son are not happy.

A fourth but less common bug is that the Zoopedia is half translated into English or not translated at all.

In August 2016 a user by the name of horse14t remastered the original Asiatic Black Bear and fixed all the bugs and put it up for download, along with the Addax on The Round Table, Zoo Tycoon Volcano, User-Made Creations, and their Deviantart .

According to horse14t them self, the bear is a mixture of Jntg4's original bear and Silesian Tomcat's remake. Combining Jntg4 bear's appearance and gift, and Silesian Tomcat's coding and behaviour, with minor tweaks here and their, like fixing the Zoopedia and Conservation status.


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