The Asiatic Lion is the only Lion to be found in the wild outside of Sub-Saharan Africa. A small, relatively stable wild population now only lives in the Indian state of Gujart. Due to their small remaining range, their wild population is unlikely to grow larger.

Worldwide population: Around 350 individuals in the wild.


  • The Asiatic Lion once roamed from the Middle East to India, but its wild population is now limited to a small region in India.
  • While the Asiatic Lion is genetically distinct form other Lion types, the difference is slight.
  • Male Lions are rarely involved in hunting, females hunt cooperatively in groups.
  • Asiatic Lion prides usually only have two females, while African Lions generally have four to six females per pride.
  • One way to identify an Asiatic Lion is its thick tuft of fur on its elbow and the large fold of skin on its stomach.

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