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Bat Cave
Official expansion(s): Endangered Species
Object type: Tour Object


Has a Biome?: None

The bat cave is a tour object in Zoo Tycoon 2 that was first introduced in Zoo Tycoon 2: Endangered Species. It generally doesn't have a biome, although its coloration allows it to blend in certain biomes. The bat cave appears to be made out of a huge gray rock, adorned with some tree branches. At times, bats will fly out of the cave, much to guests' delight. When the bats are dormant, some yellow eyes can be seen in the darkness of the cave.


  • Despite its relatively small size in the game, the bat cave is capable of accomodating lots of bats in it.
  • The eyes in the bat cave appears to be larger than the bats.
  • The bat cave is also used as a shelter for user-made bats by some designers.

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