Zoo Tycoon BIO is a user-made expansion pack group(abreviated as BIO) created, by Murdock129 and Zoo Fantic, in 2008. They had previously worked together at Zoo Tycoon Mystery League as members of Cryptid Creators and decided to do more together

They received quite a lot of support with fellow Cryptid Creators Members Eco and Y2J joining along with Dionglastra, Legojedi who made the giant squid and most notably Kenny McCormick.

Current members

  • Murdock129 (Founder, Researcher, Decision Helper, Mapper,Leader,Skinner)
  • Zoo Fanatic (Founder, Decision Helper,Skinner)
  • Legojedi (Mesher, Coder)
  • Garrettb (Coder, Skinner)
  • Eco727 (Researcher, Tester)
  • The Y2J Problem (Graphic Maker)
  • Carnosaurus (Mesher, Coder)
  • Super Tiger 2 (Mesher, Skinner)


  • None


  • Colorful Creatures

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