Blue Planet is an UXP by dennis1991 for Zoo Tycoon 2. This UXP features many aquatic animals including the Atlantic White Marlin, The Sperm Whale, and Blue Ring Octopus. This UXP also features some new ambient like the Golden Mantella and the Fire Billied Toad. This UXP is downloadable in 2 parts.

Zoo Tycoon 2 Blue Planet

The Blue Planet UXP is based off the documentary of Blue Planet, described as "the first ever comprehensive series on the natural history of the world's oceans", each of the eight 50-minute episodes examines a different aspect of marine life. The underwater photography included creatures and behaviour that had previously never been filmed.

Content in Blue Planet Part 1


American Paddlefish

Atlantic White Marlin 

Ribbon Seal

Atlantic Devil Ray

Russian Sturgeon

Rissos Dolphin

Greenland shark

Porbeagle shark Hourglass Dolphin

Chinese white dolphin

Cape Fur Seal

Bonnethead shark

Hawksbill Turtle

Leopard shark

Common jellyfish

Pignosed Turtle

Sperm Whale

White tip reef shark

White-beaked Dolphin

Sand Lizard

Spinner Dolphin

Bronze Whaler

Variants Manta ray

Sword Fish

Blue jellyfish


Tang pack 4 tangs

Atelopus Frog 

Golden Mantella

Oriental Fire-bellied Toad

GSmooth Redeye Crab

Red Coral Crab

Green Egg Crab

Edible Crab

Blue Gill


Kodipungi Lionfish 

Twin spot Lionfish


Giant Table

Coral Precious coral 

Dead man's fingers

Sea Dragon School

Plumose anemone


Loading Bars

New locations

BP Filter

New Camera

Blue Planet Fans

Blue Planet Crew

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