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Boreal Forest

Preview borealforest

Zoo Tycoon 2
Long Cold Winter & Short Dry Summer
Short Conifers
Canadian Forests & Siberia

Boreal Forest is a biome from Zoo Tycoon 2. 


Also known as taiga, they are most cold hardy of forest biomes. Boreal forest is located in sub polar latitudes below the Arctic circle. There is no boreal forest in the Southern Hemisphere because the continents do not extend to the North Pole enough. Trees in this forest type are almost all conifers and are short and stubby due to the extreme cold for most of the year. The needles of pine trees help keep leaves evergreen and prevent them from freezing.


Animal Status Star Rating Location Pack
Grizzly Bear Endangered 3.5 North America Zoo Tycoon 2
Moose Low Risk 0.5 North America Zoo Tycoon 2
Gray Wolf Low Risk 2.5 North America Endangered Species
Wolverine Vulnerable 3 North America Endangered Species
American Mastodon Extinct 4.5 North America Extinct Animals
Carnotaurus Extinct 3 South America Dino Danger Pack
Saber-Toothed Cat Extinct 4 North America Extinct Animals
Stegosaurus Extinct 4 North America Extinct Animals
Stokesosaurus Extinct 1.5 North America Extinct Animals
Triceratops Extinct 4 North America Dino Danger Pack
Utahraptor Extinct 4.5 North America Extinct Animals
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