Carcharodontosaurus (Car-cara-donto-soar-us) is estimated to be 43 feet long and a user made animal of ZT2. It is related to Giganotosaurus. Its only skull is in California without any bones attached to it.. The one in Cretaceous Calamity is based on the one from Dinosaur Planet. But that dinosaur was featured in Argentina mistaken as Carcharodontosaurus when it was really a Giganotosaurus scaring Mucasaurs (Mow-ka-saurus) away from a dead Saltasaurus. The Cretaceous Calamity one has grey and orange skin.

Carcharodontosaurus CretCalamity


There are quite lots of Carcharodontosaurus version in ZT2, all of them based the JPOG or Dinosaur Planet version. Here are some famous ones:

  • Raging Reptiles (both JPOG and Dinosaur Planer based). Status: Released. But the UXP is cancelled.
  • Cretaceous Calamity (Dinosaur Planet based). Status: Unreleased and put on hold. Made by MMM.
  • JPOG Theropod Dinosaur pack. (JPOG based). Status: Unreleased. Made by Ludozoo and Iben.
  • ZT2: Operation Genesis Part 2. (JPOG based). Status : Released.Made by BioHazard.Available in Northern Skies
  • Prehistoric Life (Dinosaur Planet based). Status: Released.

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