The Caspian Seal (Pusa caspica) is an animal from Arabian Nights expansion pack.


The Caspian seal is a pinniped which lives solely in the land-locked Caspian Sea which is located 100ft below sea level. Primarily they feast upon the various fish species of the Sea, but sometimes eat asp, shrimp or crab as well. Normally solitary, during the breeding season they form large groups and travel to the north of the sea to give birth to pups. The baby pups have a coat called lanugo to keep them warm until they have blubber. In the wild, these babies usually live to around 35 years.


Caspian Seal

a real life Caspian Seal

  • In Arabian Nights, the caspian seal was created by a California Sea Lion model, but in real life caspian seals are earless seals (true seals) not eared seals (sea lions).