The clouded leopard is a species of big cat that only appears in the first Zoo Tycoon game. It is most comfortable in a rainforest exhibit and, according to its in-game tooltip description, prefers solitude. However it is a good idea to have at least two clouded leopards at any one time, one of each gender, so they can breed.

Clouded leopards tend to be very fussy about their exhibits and it can be tricky to keep them happy. Their preferred foliage is the Mangrove Tree. They like their privacy and generally need to be provided with an area where they can escape the prying eyes of guests. It may be a good idea to build the clouded leopard's exhibit so that the animals are only visible from one side; all the other sides must be built with fences which guests cannot see through, such as the concrete or wooden slat fence.

Like the African and black leopards, this animal likes having the Cat Climbing Tree enrichment item in its exhibit and will make frequent use of it.

The clouded leopard appears alongside the African lion, Bengal tiger, African leopard, Snow leopard, Black leopard, Jaguar, White Bengal tiger and Siberian tiger, as one of the animals for which the player are tasked with creating a suitable exhibit in the "Saving the Great Cats" scenario.

The clouded leopard isn't immediately available for adoption in free form games, and is unlocked after 11 months of the start of a session.

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