Originally made for ZT1, the common seahorse was made in a UXP called Marine Mania 2.0, made by alterbean7. It did not get released yet because it replaces an irrawaddy dolphin download from Zoo Tycoon ABC.

Release Date

The seahorse might get released in 2012 as a teaser for the pack.

Marine Mania 2.0

The seahorse can be placed in a saltwater tank, and they love seagrass.

Obsessional Ocean

You can find a placeable common seahorse in the UXP Obsessional Ocean as scenery.


In ZT1 Marine Mania 2.0, it lives an a saltwater habitat. In Obsessional Ocean in ZT2, it is compatible with all water biomes.


• The ZT1 seahorse is almost the size of a guest.

• In Obsessional Ocean, when you place the seahorse in shallow water it floats in the air.

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