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Creatures Time Forgot is a 2010 science fiction docu-drama made by Braq following the adventures of Mike Smaultz, John Troelus, Jack Todd, Ethan Jaurez, Andrew Jarrens, Tony Espersen and Pete Novak.

Season 1 of the show premiered on March 11th, 2010 and concluded March 17th of 2011. Season 2 was confirmed the same day and was originally to premiere on March 11th, 2012 until Technical Difficulties put the project on an indefinite hiatus. in mid-June a Miniseries was announced to be in production which will take place between the two seasons and in the city of San Diego.

Season 1 was view-able ZTV [1] until the site went down. Currently there is nowhere to read it in full.

Concept Art and comments from Brach on DeviantArt would suggest CTF coming back in the form of a reboot.


Mike Smaultz- Adventurer and Park Manager. His job is to not only maintain this park but to go back in time and collect animals.

Jack Todd- Mike's best friend from college. He was head of staff for the Bronx Zoo but transfered to the Park after Mike begged him to work with him. He is the de facto head Zoo keeper when John isn't reachable.

John Troelus- Head Keeper of the Park and second in command. His job is to maintain order at the park and to see to it everything is done in a timely and orderly fasion. He's a bit of a curmudgeon with a Scottish decent; though he may not like people knowing this he loves his job and the animals he cares.

Ethan Jaurez- Ethan is the Head Veteranarian of the park. He is in charge of all medical duties pertaining to the animals at the park. Outwardly he can be a bit of a jerk but Mike and the others know thats just a facade.

Federal Liasson Andrew Jarrens- Andrew Jarrens is a typical stuck up beurocrat. He's unhappy with the job he has at this park and he's willing to get it closed down if it means a new job.

Carl Tyrell- Carl is the bad tempered CEO if Byodyn; a dying company that put most of it's resources into genetic engineereing and failed mersably. Their last hope is the time portal and they're willing to do what it takes to use it.

Mitchell Stoller- Mitchell is a student visiting the Park from Philadelphia with Adam Napier. He's almost too eager to be at the park which can get people into trouble sometimes.

Adam Napier- Mitchell's friend from Philadelphia, Where Mitchell is eager and a little goofy Adam is the more Cool and serious tone of the pair. Even still he's not above acting like a teenager

Season 1


The female Giga watching mike

Episode 1- Southern Royalty

Mike travels back to Middle Cretaceous Argentina to locate one of the largest land predators the earth has ever seen but ends up with more then he bargained for.

Animals Featured:





Macrogryphosaurus (Refered to as Iguanodonts)

Episode 2- O.K. Cretaceous

Mike goes back to Oklahoma 75,000,000 yrs ago to capture one of the longest Crocolilians in existence but

Albert and his pack stalking the herd and Mike.

finds himself in deep trouble along the way.

Animals Introduced:







Episode 3- Sick Sabre

Mike takes a pair of trips to Ice age Philadelphia; one to save a family of Mastodons 11,500 years ago and then a

Smilodon chasing a Caribou.

trip to the same location 10,000 for one of the last Smilodon fatalis. The latter of the two forcing Mike to hunker down with the stricken Smilodon and protect it from predators and humans alike.

Animals Introduced:


American Mastodon*

Harlan's Musk Ox

Smilodon Fatalis*

Short-Faced Bear

Grey Wolf


Long horned Bison

Episode 4- Terrible Claw

Mike and his best friend from College, Jack Todd, go back in time to Creataceous Mongolia to capture a truly odd beast; meanwhile John has his hands full at the park when a Hurricane hits Texas and thereby the park, forcing him and every animal to hunker down in the storm bunker.


Animals Introduced:


Unidentified Pterosaur








Episode 5- Utah's Hayday

Mike Goes back 150,000,000 yrs to Late Jurassic Utah to catch the lion of the Jurassic amitds a baking dry


climate and frequent lightning storms and the Park finds itself indulged in a media blitzkrieg.

Animals Introduced:


Stegosaurus *





Ceratosaurus *

Brachiosaurus *

Episode 6- Operation: Noah

(Double Length Season Finale)

Mike goes back to Cretaceous Montana to capture the Tyrant Lizard King but instead finds the result of a break

T-rex Attack.

in at the park in episode prior. Can Mike prevent a catastrophie or will it spill over the park boundaries and into neighboring Dallas.

Animals Introduced:










Tyrannosaurus Rex*





CTF San Diego

  • To be updated as information comes out*

    CTF:San Diego Cover art

A 3 episode Concurrent story line following Albert the Albertosaurus, Addy the sub adult Giganotosaurus, Ugi the Triceratops and the alpha male Velociraptor originally enroute to the San Diego Zoo to go on loan for a few weeks, a mishap at a truck stop results in 3 different but co-dependant adventures through San Diego.

Episode 1- Velocity

On their way to San Diego Zoo to deliver Ugi the Triceratops, Albert the Albertosaurus, Addy the Giganotosaurus and the Velociraptors an encounter at a truck stop with some less then honorable bikers results in the release of Addy, Albert, Ugi and the Alpha male Velociraptor. into the city of San Diego. Velocity occurs with the raptor's adventure's through the city and his eventual not so happy reunion with the bikers. Meanwhile back at the Park, Mike introduces an Asian Elephant to the Mastodon herd. Animals Featured:

Grizzly Bear


Asian Elephant

American Mastodon

Triceratops (Ugi)



Episode 2- Giants

Animals Featured:

Giganotosaurus (Addy)

Albertosaurus (Albert)

Episode 3- Sarcophagus

Animals Featured:

Albertosaurus (Albert)

Season 2

Season 2 was originally meant to be released on March 11th 2012 but was postponed indefinately due to a catestrophic technical difficulty. Braq has stated Season 2 will happen though when is still unclear.

Visual Effects

The visual effects of the story are done by taking pictures in game as a template for pictures and then edited in Photoshop to include dynamic shots to better tell a story. Braq released a guide to doing so in 2011 explaining his entire work method and how to create a story with the enhanced visuals. [2]

Park Roster of Animals

1 male Albertosaurus (Named Albert)

1 male Tyrannosaurus Rex

1 male Ceratosaurus

2 male, 1 female Giganotosaurus (The young male is named Addy)

2 female Argentinosaurus

1 male Deinosuchus

3 male, 4 female Triceratops (The Alpha is named Ugi)

1 male, 2 female Allosaurus (Amy is the Mother, her two kids Alek the male, Alice the female)

2 female Brachiosaurus

2 male, 3 female Stegosaurus

1 male Torosaurus

3 male, 3 female Parasaurolophus

2 male, 3 female Pachycephalosaurus

1 male, 3 female American Mastodon

1 male Smilodon (Named Bonecrusher)

3 male, 6 female Galimimus

1 male, 3 female Velociraptor

1 male, 2 female Therizenisaurus

2 male, 2 female Protoceratops

1 male, 2 female Opisthocoelicaudia

2 male, 3 female Saurolophus

1 male Grizzly Bear (Named Bubba)

1 female Asian Elephant (Named Ella)

8 Nile Crocodiles (Unknown Genders for now)

1 Osprey (Unknown Gender)

Real-World References

John is being interviewed by CNN towards the end of episode 5.

President Obama is President in the story.

The Smilodon, Bonecrusher aka Bones, is named after the 2007 Transformers Character Bonecrusher.

The game trail chase in Episode 6 is a homage to the first Jurassic Park sequel.

Sauropod Gastrolith theory in episode 1

NBC Affliate filming dinosaur feeding time in Episode 5

A jab at the "Toroceratops" debate in Episode 6.

Mentions multiple zoos, museums and universities such as:


  • National Zoo
  • Bronx Zoo
  • San Diego Zoo


  • Cambridge University
  • Yale University


  • New York Museum of Natural History
  • Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
  • Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences


Since around 2014 concept art posted on Brach's Deviantart and comments made by Brach seem to suggest hes working on a reboot of the series. There are two images, one of an Odobenocetops pod and another of a Colombian Mammoth in La Brea, that have a similar art style to each other, suggesting an aesthetic for this reboot should it come true. In this folder is also concept art of similar animals that had appeared as subjects of focus in the Original CTF as well (Allosaurus, Smilodon (titled Bones), Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, Albertosaurus, and Giganotosaurus). Brach is also quoted in saying about what they're for "...Well I mean the term "secret" get's looser every day in relation [to whats posted] here. It's like avoiding saying Voldemort at this point..."

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