Daytime Dreams is a ZT2 expansion pack made by Gian, Dinosuarman, and Aurora Designs. This includes 50 amazing animals, cloud-themed objects and 3 wonderful plants and tress.


Note: The Animal is in the Biome.

  1. Dalmation (Grassland)
  2. Wood Duck (Temperate Forest)
  3. Stoat (Tundra)
  4. African Ground Squirrel (Savannah)
  5. Indri (Tropical Rainforest)
  6. Giant Forest Hog (Tropical Rainforest)
  7. Chinchilla (Alpine)
  8. Holstein Cow (Grassland)
  9. Roan Antelope (Savannah)
  10. Pileated Woodpecker (Temperate Forest)
  11. Large Hairy Armadillo (Scrub)
  12. Eastern Gray Squirrel (Temperate Forest)
  13. Virginia Opossum (Temperate Forest)
  14. Mule Deer (Boreal Forest)
  15. Blue Whale (Pelagic)
  16. Onager (Scrub)
  17. Weddell Seal (Tundra)
  18. Javan Tiger (Tropical Rainforest)
  19. Northen Elephant Seal (Coastal)
  20. African Bullfrog (Wetlands)
  21. Hoatzin (Tropical Rainforest)
  22. Brown Hyena (Scrub)
  23. North American Porcupine (Boreal Forest)
  24. Figatebird (Coastal)
  25. Eastern Chipmunk (Temperate Forest)
  26. Russian Blue Cat (Grassland)
  27. Arctic Tern (Tundra)
  28. Passenger Pigeon (Grassland)
  29. Saltwater Crocodile (Coastal)
  30. Horned Lizard (Desert)
  31. Green Anole (Tropical Rainforest)
  32. Desert Hedgehog (Desert)
  33. European Hedgehog (Temperate Forest)
  34. Red-footed Booby (Coastal)
  35. Great Gray Owl (Boreal Forest)
  36. Black Swan (Wetlands)
  37. Blue-ringed Octopus (Reef)
  38. African Hare (Savannah)
  39. Muskrat (Wetlands)
  40. Elf Owl (Desert)
  41. Rainbow Lorikeet (Tropical Rainforest)
  42. Crab-Eating Fox (Tropical Rainforest)
  43. Viscacha (Alpine)
  44. Domestic Pig (Grassland)
  45. Margay (Tropical Rainforest)
  46. European Robin (Temperate Forest)
  47. Electric Eel (Wetlands)
  48. Green Anaconda (Tropical Rainforest)
  49. South American Coati (Tropical Rainforest)
  50. Northern Flying Squirrel (Temperate Forest)

Animal Food

  • Dog Food
  • Eggs
  • Nuts

Animal Shelter

  • Cactus (for Elf Owl)
  • Dog House
  • Barn
  • Log


  • Cloud-Themed Buildings
  • Cloud Path
  • Cloud Fences
  • Cloud-Themed Scenery
  • Hut


  • Grand Canyon (Desert, Large)
  • Deep Ocean (Pelagic, Large)
  • Farm Fields (Grassland, Large)
  • Alaskan Forest (Boreal Forest, Large)
  • Chesapeake Bay (Coastal, Large)
  • Great Barrier Reef (Reef, Large)
  • Rocky Mountain (Alpine, Large)
  • Bayou (Wetlands, Large)


  • Cotton Tree
  • Olive tree of Vouves
  • The Big Oak


  • Pumpkins
  • Califlower
  • Tulips

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