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Designers To The Max, or DTTM, is a Zoo Tycoon 2 user-expansion team founded by Legojedij. They are currently working on Crazy Cephalopods, a new expansion pack including squids and other cephalopods.


Members of DTTM are as follows:

  • Legojedij (founder, mesher, coder)
  • Spino2k7 (skinner and tester)
  • Planktonrapter (skinner)
  • Barackiosaurus (skinner
  • Whale Shark (tester)
  • The Y2J Problem (Graphic Designer)
  • Zoo Fanatic (Graohic Design, tester)
  • Goldzone (mesher)
  • Kenny (mesher, Coder, skinner)
  • Dalturge ( mesher, coder, skinner)


Crazy Cephalopods was created by Legojedij after he was able to make the first availible squid with no major bugs. Shortly after he started to love Cephalopods and decided to make an XP Later he showed off what he could do many people wanted to help him so he started an XP team called Designers To The Max. (DTTM)

Currently DTTM is having problems for the fact that they can't make new models for their UXP Crazy Cephalopods because their mesher legojedij accidentally deleted 3ds max, a program necessary for meshing.However, they can still finish coding the animals that aren't done.


THis XP is slowly becoming famous due to it having the first giant squid animal. It is still unknown whether this XP will include objects but it more then likely will.

* indicates member is currently inactive



DTTM @ Freewebs

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