Destination South America is a usermade expansion created by VG at Caldera Unlimited. It was released on August 21st 2009 at Caldera.

It is now available at ZT2 Designing Center.

Complete Animal List

1. Mountain Tapir

2. Sunbittern

3. Golden Dorado

4. Crab-Eating Raccon

5. Red-Belly Piranha

6. Argentine Black and White Tegu

7. La Plata Dolphin

8. Darwin's Rhea

9. Kelp Goose

10. Brazilian Agouti

11. Orinoco Crocodile

12. Yellow-Breasted Capuchin

13. Vicuna

14. Maguari Stork

15. Culpeo

16. Patagonian Mara

17. Oscar Cichlid

18. Red Brocket Deer

19. Giant Armadillo

Complete Foliage List

1. Fallen Tree

2. Ombu

3. Egeria (Aquatic)

4. Festuca orthophylla

5. Guadua

6. Floss Silk Tree

7. Rattlesnake Plant

Confirmed Objects

1. Cancrivore Food (for the crab-eating raccoon)

2. Kelp Food (for the kelp goose)


Download Topic at CU

DSA topic at Caldera Unlimited

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