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Dino Dynasty Design Team is a design team formed by Colosuss in 2010. The team originally could only do skinning projects but over time began map packs and the most recent project, JPW an expansion with three parts about Jurassic Park as well as a side project about a speculated future. All projects were fully abandoned around about 2012.

The original team:

Colosuss (Leader, Coder, Skinner, Mesher, Mapmaker)

Ryder (Biome Re-skinner, Tester)

cire321 (Basic Coding, Mapmaking)

Spinosauridae (Mapmaker)

ZooDino1 (Tester)

-Red Lightning- (Tester, Mapmaker, Coder)

Raven (Tester, Resercher, Planner)

ttt (Resercher)

The last team:

Colosuss: Leader, Mesher, Skinner, Coder, Mapmaker

CoyoteFang: Co-Leader, Skinner, Sound File Maker

Royboy407: Mesher, Skinner

Shinen: Mesher, Skinner Coder

DinoMan314: Mapmaker

Raptor Red/Dinosaurboyaz: Coder

Ryder: Biome Re-skinner, Tester

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