Dino Lord, also under the names Dragon Lord, Grim Reeper and several other aliases on different forums, was a community member notorious for joining Zoo Tycoon-based forums and uploading copyrighted work, whether it be user-created content for the game or professional artwork and photography, claiming it as his own. It started on Zoo Admin, a now-defunct forum, where he began to upload dinosaur artwork done by various artists. He removed the copyright information on them using image manipulation software (likely MS Paint) in the hopes that he wouldn't be compromised. An admin on the forums, Yellowrose, was suspicious and investigated, and later by chance found the exact same pieces of art on Google Images. She immediately had him banned.

A few months later, Dino Lord joined Zoo Tycoon Gold forums, where he hid his identity and tried to come clean since the previous incident, under the alias Dragon Lord. He was a very well respected and noted member of the forums, being given moderator status and a member of the month award. This ended soon on though, when a member of the Zoo Tycoon Gold forums started up a new forum for general chat. Dino Lord joined this forum, and within a few weeks, he got back to his old ways, uploading a photograph claiming it was "him and his dad" tackling an American Alligator out of the water. Yellowrose, the admin of Zoo Admin who had banned him previously, had coincidently joined the General Chat Forums and after seeing the photo, she immediately knew it was Dino Lord. She contacted the admin of the General Chat Forums, WoolyRhino, and Dino Lord was banned despite the two having become good friends. A warning was given out to members of the forum saying not to follow in his footsteps.

Following this, Dino Lord was subsequently banned from Zoo Tycoon Gold, Aussie Koala and various other forums through the efforts of Yellowrose, even if he had committed fraud on such forums or not.

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