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Dinosaurs feature prominently in multiple Zoo Tycoon expansions.

Large prehistoric reptile-like creatures that did not live in water and did not fly (except for birds). The group Dinosauria did not include early reptiles such as Dimetrodon, the various plesiosaurs and ichthyosaurs, pterosaurus etc. The carnivorous dinosaurs are unique as the only animals in Zoo Tycoon and Zoo Tycoon 2, with the exception of some marine predators such as the great white shark and the sperm whale, to actually KILL guests. Most animals just pick guests up by their pants and shake them around, or gore them with a tusk or horn, but dinosaurs actually eat guests (only adult male guests, however, and not women or children, likely for user-friendly reasons).

List of Official Dinosaurs in ZT

The following list contains all of the official ZT Dinosaur Digs dinos.

Dino Biome
Ankylosaurus Savannah
Apatosaurus Deciduous forest
Camptosaurus Coniferous forest
Caudipteryx Tropical Rainforest
Coelophysis Tropical Rainforest
Gallimimus Coniferous Forest
Herrerasaurus Tropical Rainforest
Iguanodon Deciduous forest
Kentrosaurus Coniferous forest
Lambeosaurus Coniferous forest
Plateosaurus Deciduous forest
Spinosaurus Coniferous forest
Stegosaurus Coniferous forest
Styracosaurus Deciduous forest
Triceratops Savannah
Tyrannosaurus rex Grassland
Velociraptor Coniferous forest

List of Official Dinosaurs In ZT2

The following list contains all of the official ZT2 EA dinos.

Dino Biome Star Rating
Ankylosaurus Wetlands 4
Carnotaurus Boreal Forest 3
Deinonychus Tropical Rainforest 2.5
Kentrosaurus Wetlands 2
Protarchaeopteryx Wetlands 1
Stegosaurus Boreal Forest 4
Stokesosaurus Boreal Forest 1.5


Tropical Rainforest 1
Triceratops Boreal Forest 4
Tyrannosaurus Rex Tropical Rainforest 5
Utahraptor Boreal Forest 4.5
Velociraptor Desert 0.5

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