Tutorial Love

A dodo, infected with "Tutorial Love".

A disease is a rare form of illness introduced in Zoo Tycoon 2: Extinct Animals.

List of Diseases

  • Tutorial Love
  • Pink Elephant Disease
  • Cat Scratch Fever
  • Digestive Difficulties
  • Speedy Syndrome
  • Litterbug
  • Slowing Syndrome

Curing Diseases

Pink Elephant Disease

An Asian elephant inflicted with "Pink Elephant disease".

If any animal has a disease, the player may go to the overhead view and click on a green icon in the top right corner of your screen. Clicking on the button will show the animal(s) that have any of the diseases listed above. Once they do this, the player must:
  1. Go into Guest Mode and press spacebar around an infected animal.
  2. Discover the reason the animal is sick. Help can be accessed via green icon in the screen's bottom left corner.
  3. Find the cure for the animal. The cure may coincide with the animal's sickness, such as cotton candy for Pink Elephant disease.
  4. Go up to the diseased animal and press spacebar. The animal should be cured.


  • "Pink Elephant Disease" may be a reference to the film Dumbo.