The Zoo Tycoon Wikia accepts download submissions, forms to have your download added to the database. To get your form considered, place this form on the talk page...


Created by:

Download link:

Are you the original creator?:

Content for (Zoo Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon 2)

Prerequisites (expansion packs or other content that may be required for download):

Single download or pack?:

What is it (plant, animal, etc. Please be as specific as possible.)

Prior to being downloaded, the content will be given a virus scan and test-run in the game it was intended for. Submitted downloads will be denied if...

  1. The form for the submission has been filed incorrectly/is missing information.
  2. It is found that any file or byproduct of a file within the provided download contains any form of virus.
  3. It is found that the downloaded content, or any byproduct of it, crashes the game.
  4. The form breaks any other website regulations.

If accepted, the download will 'affiliate' with us. In other words, it will be advertised on the site and listed in the download database. This means more views and more downloads.

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