DreamZoo2 is a Zoo Tycoon fansite founded by ZooWiz84 that is used primarily for sharing user-created zoos with other members, as well as downloading exclusive downloads and participating in Zoo Tycoon 2 discussions.


Many of the downloads found in DreamZoo2's download database are exclusive. As of June 2015, there is no active contributing user base. The majority of the downloads hosted are user-created zoos.

All users are encouraged to submit their best zoos to be added to the download database.


Currently, DreamZoo2 is closely affiliated with Zookeeper's Hangout IV and Phoenix Mania, and shares much of it's active user base with them.


DreamZoo2 has received praise for easily navigable forums, professional site design, and a simple, but powerful download database.

You may visit DreamZoo2 by using the following url:

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