The Dwarf Sicilian Elephant is an extinct species of elephant closely related to the modern Asian elephant. It is extremely small, at a mere 3 ft in height. Despite its size, it behaves almost exactly like the larger elephants do, but unlike regular elephants, it it uses a small Elephant Log rather than the large one used by other elephants.

It is believed by scientists that Dwarf Sicilian Elephants evolved because its ancestors migrated to the Mediterranian islands during the lower levels of the Ice Age. Throughout generations the species gradually became smaller due to a lack of predation.

Due to its small size the Dwarf Sicilian Elephant is the only elephant that can be killed by non-dinosaur predators.


  • The Dwarf Sicilian Elephant's noises are in fact higher pitched versions of the regular Elephant noises.
  • It is possible to keep all three Elephant species (African, Asian and Dwarf Sicilian) in the same exhibit, but the Savannah biome must be used.
  • The Dwarf Sicilian Elephant is the second Elephant included in the Extinct Animals expansion pack. The other is the American Mastodon.
  • The Dwarf Sicilian Elephant, like the American Mastodon, cannot use the Elephant House as other Elephants can.

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