The Eastern chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) is a sub-species of the Common Chimpanzee. They are an endangered species. Like all chimpanzees, they're omnivores, eating mostly plants, along with any meat they can find. They enjoy Tropical most, but will tolerate temperate, and possibly grasslands.

Fun Facts

  1. Chimpanzees have opposite thumbs and big years, which means that they can grasp things steadily.
  2. It is unfortunately common for chimpanzees to be chased for their meat. The meat, called bushmeat, is forbidden in many countries but occurs despite this.
  3. Leopard is one of the few animals that attacks chimpanzees.
  4. Evolutionarily, man and chimpanzee separated only 4-6 million years ago. Some claim that this is a proof that, like man, they may belong to the genus Homo.
  5. The name of the chimpanzee genus Pan, though, comes from the Greek forest, but it can live in several different environments, such as grasslands, sparse forests and rainforests.