The Elephant is a large terrestrial mammal that currently resides in Africa and Asia.

Zoo Tycoon

Animal Main Terrain
African Elephant Savannah
Asian Elephant Rainforest
Woolly Mammoth Snow

Zoo Tycoon 2

Animal Biome Status Star Required
African Elephant Savannah Endangered 4 Stars
American Mastodon Boreal Forest Extinct 4.5 Stars
Asian Elephant Scrub Endangered 3.5 Stars
Dwarf Sicilian Elephant Grassland Extinct 3 Stars

Zoo Tycoon (Xbox)


Preferred Habitat Status Fame Level Required
African Bush Elephant Savannah 3

African Forest Elephant

Tropical 13
Bornean Elephant Tropical
Indian Elephant Tropical 1
Sri Lankan Elephant Tropical 7
Sumatran Elephant Tropical

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