Embolotherium is an extinct genus of brontothere that lived in Mongolia during the late Eocene period. It is most easily recognized by a large bony protuberance emanating from the front end of the skull,it´


s a horn used for display and for keeping away predators.This process resembles a battering ram, thus providing the reason for the name Embolotherium, but the horns have two holes which were probably covered by skin, this mean it would be very painful for the brontothere to use them that way,so they were probably placing the attacker bettwen it´s head and horns and it would sing it´s head upward to seriously injure the attacker, and he would probably do same in display, attacking the ribs of the other male, and we know that because we found many Embolotherium ribs broken, and there was only one animal at the time that could do these kind of damage onto the thick skin and muscle mass of Embolotherium, another Embolotherium.

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