Zoo Tycoon 2: Ficton or Reality is a User-Made Expansion originally created by a designing team called the Fantasy Fantics. It started when Mighty Shakespeare and Goldzone were starting to design Zoo Tycoon 2 animals and decided to make a pack called Ficton or Reality. The first few animals that were confirmed for the pack were the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot. Eventually they decided to make a full-fledged expansion. So they started hiring people to help and join their team. and made this one of the most wanted expansion packs.

The first draft of a full release of the pack was originally available at Zoo Tycoon Hideout, Caldera Unlimited, and Zoo Tycoon Volcano, but later removed due to protests by a member of the original design team. The expansion was then re-released in completion at Environ, where it remains available to this day.


Cut Animals

There was going to be a Jersey Devil in the pack. The public voted it in but due to it's Devil-like appearance it was rejected.

The Lost Animals

Another pack was released containing four animals that had been started but not finished for the original Fiction or Reality expansion, this pack was titled 'FoR: Lost Animals' and was released on Environ as well, contained the Mokele Mbembe, Nahuelito, Ropen and Veo