The Gerenuk, Litocranius walleri, is an species of African antelope. It became available in the expansion pack Zoo Tycoon 2: African Adventure. Unlike other antelopes, it will stand on its hind legs and browse from trees. It is the sole member in its genus.

Zoo Tycoon 2


The gerenuk lives in the scrub biome. It will tolerate the savannah biome.


The gerenuk is an herbivore that feeds on branches.


Gerenuks are content with the salt lick.


The gerenuks will use the shade structure.


Gerenuks live in herds. Males will breed with more than one female. Females give birth to one calf at a time. They do not mind sharing their exhibits with other animals.


  • Gerenuks are the fastest animals in-game, in real life they reach speeds of 56kph (35mph), meaning that realistic, cheetahs (110kph/69mph) and Thomson's gazelles (90kph/56mph) are much faster.
  • The gerenuk has a glitch that makes it fly if the following conditions are met, but be careful when attempting this glitch because this may cause some players' games to crash:
    • A large temperate forest location
    • Empty spot with water
    • Small amount of grassland dirt
    • Deep grassland water
    • Around the dirt there must be a low stone wall.
    • Place only one Nile crocodile.
    • Place gerenuks, any amount.

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