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Giant Panda
Giant Panada
Expansion(s): Zoo Tycoon 2
Animal type: Bear

Conservation status:



Temperate Forest
Diet: Herbivore
Performs in shows?: No

The Giant Panda is a medium-sized, black and white bear available in all Zoo Tycoon games.

From the Zoo Tycoon website: The giant panda is best known for its distinctive black and white markings. Giant pandas live in bamboo forests at high elevations and feed primarily on bamboo, which is not highly nutritious. The giant panda's so-called sixth front toe is not a digit or claw but an enlarged wrist bone that functions as a thumb in grasping food. Unlike other bears, they vocalize by bleating rather than roaring.

In Zoo Tycoon 2 Edit

It has the Endangered status and lives in the Temperate Forest, eats bamboo and needs a 5 star zoo rating to adopt in Challenge Mode. They are comfortable living in the same exhibit with the Red Panda, a smaller raccoon-like cousin. There is a special campaign for the Giant Panda called The Mysterious Panda. If you complete the campaign you are able to obtain the Gilded Panda Statue. As it is very difficult to even obtain one of these beautiful bears, most challenge mode players would be delighted to get one.

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