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Giant Panda
Giant Panada
Expansion(s): Zoo Tycoon 2
Animal type: Bear

Conservation status:



Temperate Forest
Diet: Herbivore
Performs in shows?: No

The Giant Panda, Ailuropoda melanoleuca, is a medium-sized, black and white bear indigenous to Asia. It is available in Zoo Tycoon 2.

The giant panda is best known for its distinctive black and white markings. Giant pandas live in bamboo forests at high elevations and feed primarily on bamboo, which is not highly nutritious. The giant panda's so-called sixth front toe is not a digit or claw, but an enlarged wrist bone that functions as a thumb in grasping food. Unlike other bears, they vocalize by bleating rather than roaring.

In Zoo Tycoon 2 Edit


The giant panda lives in the temperate forest biome.


The giant panda is an herbivore that only eats bamboo.


Giant pandas will play with the rubber ball.


Pandas like the cubbing den, the rock shelter, and the ice shelter.


Giant pandas are very difficult to breed without the breeding center. They will only produce one cub in their in-game lives. They do not mind sharing their exhibit with other animals.

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