Giganotosaurus was a large predatory dinosaur from late Cretaceous Argentina. It is famous for possibly being a larger dinosaur than the famous Tyrannosaurus rex, having been introduced to the mind of the public with the release of The BBC's Chased by Dinosaurs program in 2002. Though Giganotosaurus was not given an official restoration in the Zoo Tycoon franchise, fans have made their own versions of the animal by means of game modification.

In Zoo Tycoon 2


The original Cretaceous Calamity version of Giganotosaurus

Though never officially released by Blue Fang, the animal has appeared in multiple User Expansion packs.

Zoo Tycoon 2: Cretaceous Calamity

Possibly the first rendition of the animal in Zoo Tycoon 2 history, the Giganotosaurus from the pre-revival version of Cretaceous Calamity was modelled on the T. rex from Zoo Tycoon 2: Extinct Animals. It is primarily dark green, with dark brown splotches and a dark yellow underbelly.

Walking with Dinosaurs (HENDRIX)

The Giganotosaurus also appears in part 7 of HENDRIX's Walking with Dinosaurs pack, entirely based off of its appearance in the Chased by Dinosaurs special, "Land of Giants". It is a dull orange, with a pale underbelly and dark stripes running along its back.

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