A Glitch is an error from the Zoo Tycoon series. There are glitches if you do one problem.

Easter Egg Glitch

When you're creating an exhibit and if you name one, Xanadu or Cretaceous Corral, the game will crash sometimes. This is later fixed in the Complete Collection remake.

DRT Base Glitch

When you're playing Dinosaur Digs in the scenario, Dinosaur Island Research Lab if you click on the DRT Base, a glitch may occur, causing the game to crash.

Moving While Asleep Glitch

Sometimes, on Zoo Tycoon, an animal may fall asleep or die while walking or running. This results in the animal moving as if walking while asleep. If the animal is asleep, you can either move it or wait until it wakes up, which will fix the glitch. If it is dead, it will disappear on its own.

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