The Grey nurse shark is a species of user-made animal in South-east Asian Adventure. It is not to be confused with the Nurse shark, with is a different species altogether.


The body is stout, with two large dorsal fins and the tail is elongated and has a long upper lobe. The shark has a precaudal pit but no caudal keels. It grows to a length of 3.2 m (about 10.5 ft). Male grey nurse sharks mature at 2.1 m (about 6' 11"); and females mature at 2.2 m (about 7' 3"). This shark weighs 90 to 160 kg (200 to 350 lb).[4] A maximum weight of 300 kg (660 lb) has been reported. The grey nurse shark usually has a grey back and white underside. In August 2007, an albino specimen was photographed off South West Rocks, Australia.


The Grey nurse shark is found in scattered Tropical regions round the world. It is an uncommon species, and is assessed as "Vulnerable" on the IUCN Red List.

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