The Grizzly Bear, Ursus arctos horribilis, is a subspecies of the brown bear. It is a large carnivore native to the forests of North America. This stocky built animal is the third largest living terrestrial carnivore on Earth and the largest living predator in the North American continent, with males capable of weighing in at 1000 lbs (450 kg), although they usually weigh just 700 pounds. Females can reach only to around 300 lbs (160 kg).

In the wild, grizzly bears occassionally face competition with wolves and cougars. Wolf packs will try to take on a bear as a pack, though it is usually the bear who comes out victorious. Cougars are much easier to scare as they are not only smaller, but are solitary. Most conflicts between the species are focused on the amount food in the environment.


Zoo Tycoon

The grizzly bear is one of the easiest animals to raise, as they have very little terrain requirements. They coexist with black bears as long as the exhibit has around 40% coniferous terrain, 40% deciduous terrain, and 10% fresh water. The combination of the two creates a very popular exhibit.

Zoo Tycoon 2


Grizzly Bear remake

In Zoo Tycoon 2 the Grizzly bear is native to the Boreal forest biome

Zoo Tycoon 2: Radical Remake

Zoo Tycoon Xbox

The grizzly bear is one of the first animals that can be bought. It can be placed in Alpine exhibits and is compatible with other bears.

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