ZT1 Guests

A selection of guests from Zoo Tycoon.

ZT2 Guests

A selection of guests from Zoo Tycoon 2. One male child, a female child, an adult female, and a male adult of varying races.

A guest is a person that interacts with the player's zoo. Guests range from adult women, adult men, young women, and young men. Guests can't grow inside of the zoo even though they may stay for months or over a year, unless treated poorly. Guests are what gives the player money, since they spend it on food, drinks, desserts, souvenirs, donations, and tours. Guests are easily scared and will run from any hostile animals, or lab failures (expect the Killer Penguin). The guests can be picked up and moved, which is useful in case they decide not to fulfill a critical need as soon it becomes red. Guests are what keeps a zoo active. If there are no plants in your zoo or there is too much trash, the guests will complain that the player's zoo is dirty. When the player purchases a tour guide in the first game, he or she will guide the guests to the zoo. Some guests can easily drown if they can't make it to land in time. Male guests can die if placed in an exhibit with a predatory marine animal (an orca for example, exclusive to the first game) or in a carnivorous dinosaur exhibit (such as Tyrannosaurus rex).

Types of Guests

In Zoo Tycoon 2 there 4 types of guests, Adult Males, Adult Females, Male Child, and Female Child. Each one has 2 variants which have one Caucasian version and one African-American version for each variant.

Easter Eggs

  • Type "Alfred H" on a guest. By typing, white birds will appear in the player's zoo, causing many guests to run away. This is a reference to a classic horror movie by Alfred Hitchcock: "The Birds".
  • Rename the guest "Zeta Psi". By doing so, male guests will wear yellow shirts and start vomiting. This also happens when a guest enters the player's zoo on the first year of January. This only works when the player has Marine Mania.

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