HENDRIX, formerly known as DinosaurMan, is a German designer in the Zoo Tycoon 2 community who has become highly popular. He has been active in some capacity or another since at least 2006. Despite his name, he has created dozens of living animals as well as extinct creatures for Zoo Tycoon 2.

He is the leader of the world-famous Aurora Designs and the ZT ABC Design Team and a member emeritus of Mysterious Map Marvels, and also has worked on the user expansions European Expeditions and Walking With Dinosaurs, with a hand in over seventy animals altogether from expansions alone. Some of his non-expansion projects include the Green Iguana, Oviraptor, Dracorex, Gallimimus, Cauidpteryx, retro Plateosaurus and others. Additional innovations include all-new animations in the Walking With Dinosaurs packs for many creatures such as Liopleurodon.

Perhaps most notably, he has consistently released his work into the public domain, allowing other designers to edit them freely as long as credit is given, including his work with Aurora Designs, fueling the fandom's creativity. He also coded ZOOZANNE to help struggling designers.

All of the downloads he has made can now be found at The Zoo Tyccon 2 Round Table under his signature sorted by expansion pack.

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