The Ibex, Capra ibex, is a wild goat native to southern Europe. It is available in both Zoo Tycoon and Zoo Tycoon 2.

The ibex has enormous, back-curving horns. It lives in the craggy terrain between the timber and snow lines of the Alps. The ibex is remarkably surefooted and known for its agility in leaping about rocky ledges. It flees to steep regions to avoid predators.

Zoo Tycoon

In Zoo Tycoon, the ibex requires lots of hills and mountains. It also likes to have snow in its exhibit.

Zoo Tycoon 2


The ibex lives in the alpine biome. It prefers to have a hilly exhibit. It can tolerate the tundra biome under the right conditions.


The ibex is an herbivore that feeds on hay and grass.


The salt lick is the favorite enrichment object of the ibex. Male ibexes will also use the scratching post.


The ibex will use the shade structures and both stables.


Ibexes like to live in herds. Males will breed with more than one female. One ibex kid is born at a time. It likes to share its enclosure with the markhor.


In Radical Remake, the Aurora Designs have made a Ibex as an animal remake.

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