Inspiria is a fansite created by Godzillafan99 in response to a staff argument at Environ between Komori Miharu and Mysty over staff room privledges. After KM threatened to destroy the site, GF created Inspiria as a backup and a spin-off site. Today, the site has been growing steadily, reaching 500 posts and 50 members in a few months. The site also hosts several up-and-coming designers and its own team, Inspiria Designs.


Inspiria Designs

Inspiria Designs is the design offshoot of Inspiria. After Zilla Designs disbanded, GF created the team, which is becoming quite active. Their current project is the Wacky World expansion pack. Team members are listed below.

  • Godzillafan99 - Leader, skinner, mesher
  • ArcticZephyr - Skinner
  • BroncosRtheBest - Skinner
  • Uzag - Skinner
  • Death Raptor - Coder, map maker, secondary mesher
  • Private- Coder, mesher
  • Spinodude101- Graphics Designer

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