About the Pack

Interesting Islands is a new fan-made expansion pack that will focus on island flora and fauna. Originally the goal of the project was to remake Artifex's older expansion pack Island Excursion, however they have now moved on to create new animals instead. Currently there are 2 animals and 14 team members

The Team Members

Bill Nguyen- Mesher and Skinner

Dacentru- Skinner

Dinosaure99- Coder

Flower- Idea Provider and Skinner

Lazardi- Mesher and Skinner

LC Creations- Object Mesher, Object Skinner, and Object Coder

Robbie- Skinner

Thom- Coder

Tyranachu- Mesher and Skinner

Cryptidman- Coder and Skinner

Dilophoraptor- Mesher

Dragon-Unit911- Mesher and Skinner

Manut- Skiner


Southern Minke Whale- Balaenoptera bonaerensis

Model and Coding by Bill Nguyen, Skin by Tyranachu

Tamaraw- Bubalus mindorensis''

Model and Skin by Bill Nguyen

Andean Cock of the Rock- Rupicola peruvianus

Model by Bill Nguyen, Skin by Tyranachu, coding by Dinosaure99, and render by Robbie.

There are some rumored animals such as the aye-aye and the orangutan although they have not been confirmed.

Download and Round Table Page Links

The Round Table Page

Download for The Minke Whale

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