The Jaguar, Panthera onca, is the largest feline in the western hemisphere. Its coat is a rich yellow to rusty-red, and occasionally black, spotted with large black rosettes, each consisting of a circle of spots surrounding a central spot. The jaguar is an adept climber and excellent swimmer. Although feared, the jaguar rarely attacks humans. It is found throughout Latin America.

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The Jaguar is native to the South American tropical rainforest and its favorite foliage is the kapok tree.

The jaguar likes to have a tropical forest floor with a little bit of fresh water, and dirt. They also enjoy all the tropical rocks and like to have lots of trees.

The Jaguar has a medium length life span and normally reproduces only once or twice before dying.

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Jaguars live in the tropical rainforest biome. They are able to swim and like water in their exhibit. They are tolerant of the wetlands and grassland biomes.

Jaguars are carnivores that feed on meat and fish and like to play with rubber balls and the stuffed prey dummy. They will use rock shelters.

Jaguars are more solitary animals but do like some social interaction. Litters consist of usually 2 cubs. They will prey on other animals that are put in their exhibit.


The jaguars in the original Zoo Tycoon doesn't have an ability of swimming.

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