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A Jeep Tour is a ride in African Adventure or Endangered Species. A jeep tour is a way for guests to get very close to the animals and a steady source of income.The guests are happier, amused & less tired. Guests prefer Jeeps to sky trams. Guests will donate more, be happier and more amused if there is an elevated path on the Jeep track, or if they pass tour objects.

The Basics

You make a jeep tour by placing roads, placing a station on a section of that road and buying cars to drive over the track you have set for them to drive over. When the jeep road comes to an exhibit, you can place a gate for Jeeps to enter it, although this is usually done automatically. It is advisable to place a crossing gate when the jeep road meets a path, otherwise guests will keep walking and the Jeep will be forced to stop, making the guests riding angry. There are some more basics in the in-game tutorials.

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