Jet animals is a designing team formed by Black rhino ranger in late 2007. It currently has seven members.


Note: BRR teammates are Currently inactive. BRR is now the only one left doing the XPs.

Red Tiger

BRR is the leader of the team.

T-rex 18

T-rex 18 is Black Rhino Ranger's cousin that is 13 years old and was born in Malaysia, he is the person who has managed to think of the Green Gorilla and the Golden Fox. However, he can only help Black Rhino Ranger when Black Rhino Ranger is in Malaysia in August.


Coolcon is the coder, mesher and skinner. Kindly asked to be on the team. He doesn't have blender or 3Ds max so he can't mesh the animals using his meshing skills so he is the coder and reskinner. He later quits the team but then rejoins them.

Kenny McCormick

Kenny or JVM is 13 and is the latest member so far. He skins and codes and helps fix the forum errors. He also working on three other packs not by Jet Animals.


A fan of BRR's Zoo Tycoon videos. Currently a mesher, Skinner and coder of the team


A tester


Tester, Skinner and one of BRR's fans who also allowed BRR to join his group

Mastodon boy

Another fan of BRR's videos, He's a great mesher and one of BRR's Youtube Fan

I am a very nice person

A new member who proved to BRR that he can Make good animals and begs to be a member of his team.


The Latest member and BRR's real life friends as well. He is currently learning how to make an animal of his own. He's been taking photos of patterns for his ZT2 animals.


Site moved

  • BRR moved his own site to a different location similar to how mysterious map marvels moved there site. You can find BRR in his new site now.

External links

BRR's freewebs site (currently inactive) BRR's new site

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