The Komodo Dragon, Varanus komodoensis, is the largest species of lizard. It is native to a few islands in Indonesia. It is available in Zoo Tycoon and Zoo Tycoon 2: Endangered Species.

Zoo Tycoon

In Zoo Tycoon, komodo dragons are weak and very slow. They are only capable of killing much smaller creatures, like the olive baboon. They live in a tropical rainforest biome. Their exhibit requires large amounts of rainforest terrain and sand with medium amounts of water and gray stone. Their favorite foliage is the mangrove tree. They make growling and hissing noises, and they cannot swim.

Zoo Tycoon 2


The biome of the komodo dragon has been changed from tropical rainforest to scrub.


The komodo dragon is a carnivore that feeds on meat.


Komodo dragons use the beef shank and the stuffed prey dummy as enrichment.


The komodo dragon does not use any shelter.


Komodo dragons are very territorial. They usually lay 1-2 eggs at a time.

Zoo Tycoon (Xbox)

The Komodo Dragon is an adoptable animal available in Zoo Tycoon (Xbox) via mini-exibits.


  • There is a challenge in Endangered Species challenge mode asking the player to take a picture of a komodo dragon using the lookout post. Komodo dragons cannot be placed onto it, but a picture with an individual next to it or under it will suffice.
  • The game is wrong in saying they cannot swim. Komodos have been known to swim for miles to find food


Komodo Dragon couple

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