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Kryptids Polar Paradise Expansion Pack

Kryptids is a former Zoo Tycoon 2 designing group started by Panda Lover, Redpanda REX, adam1990, IcyTree, Bob103, kangorilaphant, and others.

Upon first starting out, the Kryptids group were planning on making an expansion called "Polar Paradise," but because of the time constraints and unwillingness of various members, the expansion (which was to include around 20 or so animals from the Polar regions) was never created. Kryptids was in fact a very short-lasting group which did not create a single animal within its foundation.

Although it was unsuccessful, Kryptids gained attention in the ZT2 community. adam1990, the founding artisan, had created the box art, promoting the upcoming expansion that was never released but gained much attention. Zoo Tycoon users were very anxious for this expansion pack, which was similarly constructed to Artifex's expansion. A forum was created for this group, and after its collapse, the forum was eventually renamed to Zoo Tycoon Alliance. This forum is still existing, but is rather obsolete. You can see the forum here:

Despite its collapse, Kryptids was the first group in Zoo Tycoon community to introduce the "artisan" role, which includes a member who creates the groups' box art, animal descriptions for downloads, and helps out with the artistic structure and management of the group.

Another designing group branching off from Kryptids is Zephurs, which was created in order to satisfy the excessive amount of members that have joined Kryptids. This group has its own forum as well, but never lifted off as a designing group either.

Members (all may or may not be accurate and judging by association):

Panda Lover

Redpanda REX



King Hoopla





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