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A Large Animal Fence is a fence made for a larger animal with usually little climbing ability. Most animals that require small animal fences can also tolerate the larger version of the animal fence
Large Fence

A Chain Link Fence, one of the most popular fences because of it's low cost and durability.


Some large animal fences have smaller verisions (see Small Animal Fences)

Also, some large animal fences can not be seen through by guests.

List of Large Animal Fences:

Zoo Gate Safari Fence Wooden Rail Fence Boreal Rail Fence Grassland Rail Fence Scrub Rail Fence Tropical Rail Fence Wetlands Rail Fence Jungle Fence Tundra Window Fence Wooden Slat Fence Brick Wall Stone Wall Acrylic Glass Fence Extinct Window Fence

Marine Window Fence

Dinosaur Fence Concrete Fence
Hedge Fence Chain Link Fence Alpine Rail Fence Desert Rail Fence Savannah Rail Fence Temperate Rail Fence Tundra Rail Fence Cable Fence Jungle Window Fence Tundra Fence Wooden Slat Window Fence

Brick Window Fence

Stone Window Fence Electric Fence Extinct Fence Marine Fence Marine Show Fence Iron Bar Fence
Wrought Iron Fence
Endangered Fence

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