The Liger is a hybrid, a cross between a Tiger and a Lion. It is not known whether it can be done in Zoo tycoon or not.Liger Liger2

Ligers are available at Zoo Tycoon Unleashed as a download.

In Game


The Liger is a cat that prefers the tropical rainforest and the savannah biomes.


The Liger is a carnivore that eat fish.


The Liger likes to play with the pursuit ball and the rubber ball. It will demonstrate its predatory instincts on the stuffed prey dummy and the live lizard food.


The Liger uses the shade structure. In a manner that is more realistic to real-life, ligers will use the rock shelters.


Ligers are social animals, and enjoy social interactions.

Link to download site

Download it Zoo Tycoon Unleashed!

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